Day 113 – Big meal/cheating day

Today is Mother’s day! Went to the mall to eat with my family. Ate alot of chicken protein 🙂 hahah. Also watched Pitch Perfect 2 with my sister. Imo the show wasnt that great. I wonder why!

 Lunch is pictured below. Dinner i had chicken rice. Also ate quite alot of sweet popcorn today and a mouthful of passionfruit tea. Also had lemon ginger tea.  

Today is a rather calm day except for scratching when i get outta shower. I f-ing hate it! I hate showering and getting out and scratching the f outta my skin 😦 makes me so frustrated sometimes!

My left leg’s bad patch looks horrible right. Actually the dead skin is shedding, didnt peel it. But it seems the surrounding pink skin looks good. Is it finally healing? Fingers crossed. That is like one of the most steroid damaged skin. 

Also would like to share my sleep statistic yesterday night. I woke up and my skin was not too bad. I noticed theres little swelling in my left foot and i can see my ankle for the first time in afew weeks! But at night it swelled again.  I didnt wake at 6, i woke up scratching and decided to end the alarm. 


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