Day 110 – cycle goes

and today the victim is left leg ankle/calf and right calf. Wooo! =w= woke up late today too and im half day today. Wtf.

And today is the first day which i wake from bed to a heave of dead skin on the floor. Gosh, skin flakes everywhere. Swept them around and omg, theres a yellow pile of flakes like in the pics of other TSW warriors. I thank my parents for tidying my bed daily but this morning i tidied the floor’s flakes alittle to prevent them from getting a shock later -_-

What i ate today:

Breakfast: fried kway teow(rice noodles/ wheat noodles) with egg and beansprout and luncheon meat

Lunch: Chicken rice

Dinner: rice with pork ribs cooked in melon soup and green bean sprouts? Not sure whats the veg i ate :X

I walked all of orchard road to find that Braggs ACV is soldout -_- asked the GNC salesgirl and she said, stocks will only be here in 4mths time. Omg! Thats a very long time.

Then i went ikea to buy a garlic press and wtf, sold out too. Why is it that all the things i wanna buy are sold out?!

I watched this video on Ted today and its quite interesting:

How bacteria “talk”

I didnt know Bacteria and organise crimes! Hahaha, well not crimes but attacks. Well, one thing i noticed about TSW is that.. you gotta kill some skin bacterial on problem areas to reduce chances of skin infection… which probably happens when staph or wadever bacteria grows to a certain number and BAM. infection.

Remb to treat your skin well and happy healing 🙂

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