Day 107 – itchy

im happy to announce that there was no major scratch fest last night. Sleep was erratic, again. I woke up every 1 or 2 hours (1.10am, 4.30am..)

It is always hard to resist scratching in the evenings. And i just scratched frenzied awhile ago. On both arms. Now both arms are little raw. I scratched thru my long sleeves and it still suffer damage! 

Its said that cortisol levels are lower in the evenings and causes the itch. Is it? Im now thinking if my adrenals are damaged. I did suspect that i might have cushing’s, my face is so moon-ish round. Mmmm wondering how to go about my withdrawl. Its said that cortisol levels drop in the evening and through midnight and only rise in the morning. And that its also affected by sunlight and vitamin d… Some sources said licorice root tea helps with cortisol levels(reducing their halflives?) but the question is, should we be boosting it or suppressing it? Mmmm. Apparently hormones are a dam important and complex thing. 

Never knew topical steroids could cause so much disequilibrium! 

Recently last week and this week, i’ve been feeling my energy is very low. I can barely survive my zumba class. I used to dance and prance madly during class! Today and last week, i was like SO dead after class. I kept yawning during the class. 

Tonight im especially itchy. I wonder why the f! Im scratching my thigh, calves and earlier i was scratching my arms and struggling to stop. *cries* but on a good note, im accepted into the singapore TSW support group headed by Grace Ng 🙂 finally!! 🙂

What i ate today:

Breakfast: juliet organic apple and slice of honey dew and glutinous rice with chicken

Lunch: chicken rice with green veg

Dinner: subway melt with honey mustard, lettuce and cucumber

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