Day 104 / 105 – multi scratch fests

Its been awful. Had afew scratch fests at night. Day 104 – it was my right calf i think. Day 105 – woke up with my right arm elbow insides so raw. It makes me tear each morning when i wake up. Argh, i really need some motivation and support these few days. So desperate for some healing. 

On a side note: my ears are oozing less. 🙂 left arm is burning less. 🙂 left arm is swelling less 🙂 

So how do i stop scratching at night? Million dollar question. It seems wrapping my arm in towels and a arm sock doesnt stop the itching. But im glad this morning i had some good sleep and felt less tired than day 104. 🙂

Should i supplement? Another million dollar question. I’ve been trying to eat more protein, but wells… :S f my laziness! Hahaha. Sorry for the f words. Im thankful for the long weekend. 

Been scouring itsan forums to search for anti itch answers but found not alot. My itch is okay in the day, but maddening at night. Its like at night, your trance scratching is just unstoppable while u are sleeping. Like you got to wake up, realise you are scratching then plop back down and mentally restraint your arm from scratching. 😑 shall post some pictures tonight or tomorrow.

What i ate yesterday: 

Chicken rice and 2 juliet organic apples

What i ate today: 

Chicken rice and some fish fillet, brocolli seeet sour pork take-out and also desloratadine and lemon ginger tea 🙂

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