Day 100 – bravery

Today’s a work day. 

Kinda stressed today becos, im having a hard time deciding when to quit. And asking HR for information. Becos my company paid out a bonus in Jan, i have to payback if i left during the year. Wells. Yep. But congrats Jo! I finally told my manager that im quitting. After a teary session. 

I can feel my left ear and neck burning away while at work.

And my left arm is swollen. Possibly becos i scratched it hard last night. Look at the pics below, see the scratch marks?? After shower, i totally drenched my left arm in 50-50acv spray(with tea tree oil) . I hope im not getting an infection on my left arm! Its burning i feel. And swelling 😦 

What i ate yesterday:

Breakfast: glutinous rice with chicken

Lunch: roasted chicken leg with sauce? And some coleslaw

Dinner: subway’s italian bmt wrap with cucumbers, lettuce and honey mustard 

I was soaking my legs in acv/dss tonight after afew days of no soak. Saw a large patch of skin floating on the bad patch on left leg. The whole patch is floating.. So i went ahead to pull it off with abit of strength. Not sure if i did the right thing :S the patch is now raw.

I applied a thick layer of vaseline on the raw patch, put a sheet of tissue on it, towelled up and went to sleep. 

I was  talking to my sister too, i told her last night i scratched my arms raw during the night. She asked why i didnt towel wrap my arms. I said i did but it fell off. She suggested to wear the arm socks. What a fantastic idea! So this is my new way to sleep:


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