Day 99 – Be brave

woke up around 12 noon but lazed in bed til 3pm. Found my mum bought me fish soup from the coffee shop downstairs. Im grateful but i’ve always been suspicious about the soup base(did they use weird ingredients or prawn which in allergic to?) cried alittle. I think it must be the hormones :S

My arms are so dry and flakey now. I hope its on its way to healing. My wrist is healing good. I hope i dont scratch it raw again 🙂 my fingers which i vaseline wrapped is healing good 🙂 my palm is still thin and fragile.

I noticed the insides of my calves are calming abit *happy* but it still looks patchy. I hope they clear up nice and good! 

My left leg is oozy and bad. Nothing to add.. 

My thighs… Right thigh is starting to flake. All the red patches are now dry and flakey. My left thigh.. Spreading alittle? I hope it stops spreading..

After i get out of the bath, i scratched so much! Kept telling myself not to scratch and this post shower itch will be over soon. But i still scratched my right arm. Sprayed apple cider/water/tea tree mix on it. Gosh, how it burned. 

Now i understand whats the “burn” that tsw talks about.. It just radiates heat. I felt this burn, the most in my left cheek and left ear. Dam… 

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: soup cooked fish fillet from downstairs and small organic apple

Dinner: roasted chicken rice

I need to eat more proteins =w= 


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