Day 97 – coffee in a long while…

today, after work, im actually gonna attend a coffee latte art class ~_~ i have quit coffee for quite a few mths now, not sure what the reaction will be. Im already in a bad flare. Sigh.


Hands(palm/fingers): dry. Not oozing much except some raw patches on fingers. My palm is dry n fragile. 

Arm: insides of elbows are horrible. Utterly very red and dry. And i think at night i unconsciously scratched them good.

Ears: started turning red and dry. Flakey maybe and alittle oozy? My left ear especially. The area which ear lobe joins the head is SO very red. 

So at the workshop, i drank a cup of cafe latte and afew sips of coffee and another shot of expresso. I hope i dont get a mega flare.

I took atarax to sleep too. Woke up at 12noon, then napped abit more to about 4-5pm. Then finally peeled myself outta bed. 

What i ate:

Breakfast: glutinous rice with chicken

Lunch: veg, fried fish fillet and chicken?

Dinner: chicken porridge 

Some coffee and latte art i did at the workshop


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