Day 96 – awful

today is one of the days i feel really crappy. Almost to the bank of tears… 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: glutinous rice with chicken and small organic apple

Lunch: fried fish fillet, soy sauce chicken and veg and wintermelon soup

Dinner: watercress soup with veg and rice

My arm is almost all red. My left thigh is also half red. Its spreading. God! I need some hope and positivity. Should i quit my job like real soon?

Got to be thankful:

  • That i still have some healthy looking skin
  • That my face is not oozing
  • That i have a room to myself
  • That i have great peaceful parents
  • That i have savings
  • That i live in peace times
  • That i can quit my job to focus on healing
  • That i can afford some bandages and micropore tapes
  • That im not in some terminal illness AND TSW CAN BE HEALED!

Okay. Time to get some sleep šŸ™‚

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