Day 94 – health check up day

 i took day off from work in order to schedule the earliest possible health checkup(sponsered by the company, before i resign… Soon?). Its too bad that i forgot my period is coming/here. And im having a mega flare. The weepy reddish raised skin is all over my legs, all the way from calf to thigh for right leg and the left is 70% inflicted. And my neck has 

Torso is fine. Thankfully.

For my hands (elbows inside) the red raised skin is horrible. I pity the nurse trying to get some of my blood samples. But she did get a clearer spot amidst the redness. Lol!

So i didnt know i had to strip naked to the panties and wear their “robe”. So since i had bandaged up my legs and theres still red skin visible, it was kinda awkward to be there with my legs and arms in bandages. Bummer. If i had known, i probably wont go. But i went. Gave a reddish urine sample thats probably fail. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: fasted since 8pm yesterday night. I keep reminding myself not to eat an apple in the morning(i always do) i had a half a cup of orange juice at the clinic. And since they serve bread there, i skipped their breakfast. I caught a movie at 11am after i left, ate a wrap(mango, veg, brocolli, chicken, with thai lemon grass dressing) and had a small cup of hot milo in the cinema.

Dinner: None. Slept early


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