Day 84 – terrible scratch fest

i am like getting a pattern. It always happens following a chicken soup. Like wtf! Something bad always happens after chicken soup. Is it becos its too healing? Last night was a terrible scratch fest. It was so bad it made me sit up and open my eyes but still scratch.

The victim was, my right leg. Weird. The innocent bystanders were my wrists(both of them. Scratched them pretty raw) 

So i felt my raw oozy right leg. I didnt want to turn on the lights n look at them. They must be so raw and bloody. I turned on my phone and realise its 4am. I probably wont be able to go to the park for a walK 2 hours later. So i slept in. 

And i made a before and after pic. Just cos. hahaha. Not much differneces thankfully. But my right leg does look much worse. And my skin feels terrible today, really.

What i ate today: 

Breakfast/lunch: 2 small slices of pineapple, an organic small apple and glutinous rice with chicken.And some famous amos cookies (i bought 100g and theres still leftovers)

Dinner: small organic apple and japanese rice crackers with sugar icing :S



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