Day 83 – chicken soup!

woke up this morning with my skin scrabby and weepy ~_~ must’ve scratched much during my sleep.

Also had chicken soup this morning! Cooked with carrots cos i ran out of celery. Hahaha. Didnt eat any apple this morning. It feels weird. I realise that on mornings where i drink chicken soup, im not that relaxed and smiley but more like perpetually upset? I wonder if its becos its not my usual routine, or the food gut-brain connection. Hmmm.

lunch: black pepper sauce chicken with rice (contains bell peppers)

Dinner: rice with green veg, steamed fish and 1 spicy drumlet… And famous amos macademia choco chip cookies & ZTP antelope tea

My leg is pretty red tonight. Soaking now, shall post pics later

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