Day 73 / 74 

day 73 – scratchy itchy!

I woke up yesterday with much raw wounds on my hands. It was crazy shit. So much so that i couldnt concentrate much and took half a day leave. I suspect my body doesnt agree with something i ate on monday. Was it the soup? :S was it because i slept after 12am?

What i ate: 

Breakfast: 3 rice strips (guo tiao) and juliet organic apple

Lunch: yoshinoya! Beef with fried chicken kaarage and had afew sips of miso soup. Drank antelope tea too. 

Dinner: rice with melon soup and green veg

Day 74 – much improvement today

Woke up and see that the wounds on my legs are strong and nice. Differences a night’s sleep does! 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: fried rice vermicelli and juliet organic apple

Lunch: fried fish fillet soup with rice and papaya and a cup of ginger/lemon manuka tea

Dinner: rice with green sprouts? And a handful of green seedless grapes. (Dinner was so bland 😦 )

Skin update

  • palm remains fragile and at times itchy, but feels abit better than yesterday. 
  • Thighs… Left thigh has a new angry spot. 
  • Back.. Scratched them alittle in the evening 😦 and theres a dam painful pimple near my butt. It hurts when i carry my backpack! 
  • torso… There seems to be more folliculitis (its a pimple looking, characteristically it forms near a hair) 
  • Legs… Not much has changed. Insides are still quite well but red and right insides got alittle itchy. The angry patch is just angry. And the left foot is still much swollen but, walking is not a prob.
  • Arms… Elbow insides are red and itchy. Wrist is often scratched raw at night. If i didnt scratch it, then its heavenly.
  • Random: jo has been farting alot yesterday & today. Is it the yoshinoya meal?


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